Beskiden - Makowski

arrowVisit Kalwaria  
Of all historical sights of the area, the pilgrimage centre in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is the most precious and interesting one. Listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site, it consists of many small chapels, beautifully introduced into the landscape. Tourists and pilgrims flock there, especially during Holy Week, to visit the sanctuary laid out to imitate the Calvary (the way of the cross) in Jerusalem.

If you want more sightseeing, visit Lanckorona, a charming and sleepy old village, or even Dobczyce with its open-air museum and castle, or the Renaissance Palace in Sucha Beskidzka, dubbed “The Little Wawel”. Tokarnia, Letownia and Stryszow are also worth dropping in on.

Walking trails lead practically to all of the interesting summits (Zebalowa – 858 m, Lubomir – 912 m, Lysina – 891 m, Koton – 857 m) and along the valleys. Some of them are shorter, some longer, but all seem easily accessible to any hiker. Beskid Makowski also has good conditions for cyclists.

arrowSki or have a cable car trip  
Myslenice offers good skiing conditions, with a cable car, chairlifts, ski rental and ski school. The cable car to Mt Chelm is open also in summer. There are also other smaller ski resorts, including Makow Podhalanski, Sucha Beskidzka and Tokarnia.

arrowRest by a lake  
Lake Dobczyckie, situated close to Krakow and east of Myslenice, is a popular recreation area, known for its picturesque surroundings. You can enjoy hiking or cycling around, but water sports and swimming are forbidden there as it provides Krakow with drinking water.

arrowGo in the footsteps of John Paul II  
Wadowice, home town of Pope John Paul II, is situated west of Beskid Makowski. A museum in the former home of the pope and the basilica are real musts there.

children KINDER
If you are spending holidays with children, it can be a good idea to visit the ruins of the castles in Dobczyce, Myslenice or Lanckorona.